Boostowski offers you a set of modules from which you can select ones that suits your needs the most. Each Boostowski module is customizable so it can fit like a glove to your needs and enhance your team in best possible way.


Having an Academy module inside your organization enables you to encourage users to upgrade their skill set with internal or external material. Integrated progress tracking helps managers to know how users are progressing and point them in the right direction at any moment. This way you can minimize Idling and help your employees and your organization grow simultaneously.

• Trainings

Internal: Documentation, Video, Knowledge transfer

External: Documentation, Video, Online courses, Live courses

• Tests

Admin defined/created tests, Progres tracking, Training suggestions

Performance boost

Setting goals and objectives is everyday business but tracking them and knowing at every moment where you are that is something completely different. Boostowski provides information about where your organization is with ongoing objectives and what happened in the previous period with graphical representation of data in reports. Delegating tasks and following up on finished work is simple and easy both for managers and employees.

• Goals

Admin defined goals for users, Tracking progres, Reporting

External: Documentation, Video, Online courses, Live courses

• Task delegation

Defining daily/weekly/monthly tasks, Notifications of completion or incomplete tasks

• Checklists

• Reports


360 feedback enables each user to assess and be assessed according to predefined values. With simple in-app graphical representation it is clear how each segment/skill is developing. And that is a great indicator for participants where their focus should be and what area that they should work on. Also this enables managers to direct users and react proactively according to feedback that is being collected.

• User evaluation

• Two-way feedback

Top-down & bottom-up feedback


Intracom module is dedicated to exchanging information between users and also sharing knowledge. That is the way of promoting interaction and boosting engagement while also a tool to communicate across platforms with all users or only certain members.

Discussion segment promotes engagement and gives users an opportunity to express their opinion on specific subjects.

There is also a possibility to create posts that have expiration dates.

• News

Media files, Articles, Discuession

• Sharing insight

• Events / Important dates

• Push notifications

• Media library


Engagement doesn’t need to be boring and monotonous, it can be a game that is fun to play. While playing the game you are doing some work and accomplishing goals that lead you to rewards. Those rewards need to be relevant and meaningful in order to make this work on both ends and that is the core of the Gamification module.

• Milestones / Action Points

• Rewarding system


User module isn’t anything new, but depending on the type or size of your organization that can be customized so that you get most of it.

Analyzing what are the needs on the market Boostowski sees tags for user groups and different levels of permission as a necessity nowadays.

• Profile

• Groups

Customizable: Tags, levels of permission, Roles

• Onboarding

• Heart-beat (Advanced insight)